“We’re trying to put a little more color back in the frame”

—Joshua Guild, PhD and Traveler

The Travelers and their guide, Alex

From the Ivy League to a Rebel State

Beautiful Me(s) is the intimate travel diary of underdog students who travel from the Ivy League to the rebel state of Cuba. Within the elite cloistered environment of Yale University, the students come together from diverse economic and cultural backgrounds to form a collective based on their passionate concerns about racial inequality. As outcasts, they become intrigued by the revolutionary mystique of Cuba and its contentious relationship with the United States. After overcoming financial and political obstacles, the misfits take the field trip of a lifetime to the blockaded island.

In the streets of Havana and Santiago, they witness extraordinary hip hop, reggae and rumba performances and strike up conversations with Cubans from all walks of life. The group is welcomed into a raucous block party with hundreds of people in an integrated neighborhood. Behind a cultural curtain created by political conflict, the students discover that Cuban people feel a close affinity with Africans and African Americans, and are deeply committed to ending racial injustice. The Cuban people the group encounters are driven more by their principles of unity and independence than by any individual leader or doctrine.